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Now based in Welwyn Garden City


I provide a fixed-price quote where possible – call or email for an estimate. My rates are competitive and pricing is always kept reasonable. If your computer needs to be taken away for repair I will keep you informed and I will always check with you in the rare case that any work is likely to exceed my initial estimate.

I visit your home or business to resolve your computing issues swiftly and efficiently, getting you up and running again as quickly as possible. For fixes requiring more time, I can take your machine away to repair and return at your convenience.

Repairs & Upgrades

  • Windows and Apple Mac
  • Non-starting computers, blank screens, blue screens
  • Email problems
  • Hardware & software installation, repairs & updates
  • Printer setup & repair
  • Virus/malware detection & removal
  • Hard drive (HDD, SSD) & memory (RAM) upgrades

New Computer Setup

I can set up your new computer for you, including:

  • Data transfer from your old computer
  • Internet & WiFi setup
  • Internet security (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall)
  • Bloatware removal to ensure your new computer is running optimally
  • Email setup
  • Secure data removal from old computers – be sure none of your personal data remains prior to selling or disposal.

Broadband and Wi-Fi

  • Broadband technical support (BT, Sky, Virgin etc.)
  • Wireless routers & networks
  • Email (Outlook, Yahoo, BT, Gmail etc.)
  • Internet connection issues

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Have you heard of Bitcoin but don’t know where to start? There is a lot of misleading information on the Internet, and it can be difficult to know where to look.
I can offer guidance on how to:

  • Safely purchase Bitcoin
  • Securely store your Bitcoin
  • Other cryptoassets e.g. Litecoin, Ethereum

Slow Computers

  • Is your computer taking a long time to load up? Does it have a habit of grinding to a halt just when you need to get something done?
  • I offer a PC health check to get your computer running smoothly, swiftly and reliably again.
  • I will find and fix the root cause of the slowdown, which could be due to installed software, failing hardware, malware/viruses etc.

One-to-one Training

I provide computer lessons for beginners in various topics and IT training in Microsoft Excel:

  • Windows & Apple Mac – finding your way around and increasing your computing confidence
  • Mobile phones / Smartphones / iPhones
  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • Computer buying advice
  • See my Computer Lessons page here for more details.

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Data recovery from failing or unstartable computers
  • Are your irreplaceable files backed up? Photos, videos, documents?
  • Hard drives have a limited life span – Don’t let a failing hard drive put your photos & videos at risk!
  • Data backups for your important files
  • Have you accidentally deleted a document or file?
  • Rest assured, it’s usually possible to recover deleted data!