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07786 733774

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7 days a week
Now based in Welwyn Garden City

Computer Lessons & IT Training

From Beginner to Advanced

I provide lessons, guidance and coaching on all aspects of computing.

If you have bought a new Windows or Apple computer and would like to learn how to use it effectively I can provide guidance, helpful tips and usage advice.

Or perhaps you need to gain a thorough understanding of Microsoft Excel, Word or Powerpoint for a new job or to enhance your CV?

Depending on your requirements, I can provide informal or more structured lessons tailored to your specific needs.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirements on 07786 733774, or email me at

Computer Lessons for Beginners

No experience necessary! Navigating a computer can feel like a minefield without any formal training, but we were all beginners once. I can teach you how to use your computer from the basics upwards.

For both Windows and Apple Mac, I will help you build a solid foundation of knowledge, which in turn will give you the confidence to use your computer to do more, enabling you to be more efficient and productive, and giving you the means to achieve your goals.

Effective Computing

Do you know your way around a PC, but would like to work in a more efficient and frustration-free way? I can help you save time and reduce stress by teaching you more effective ways of working.

Excel Training

I provide Introductory to Advanced Excel lessons, tailored to your personal requirements. You will gain a solid understanding of Excel and how useful a tool it can be once you master features including PivotTables and advanced formulas and functions such as IF, COUNTIF and VLOOKUP.

IT skills, and Excel proficiency in particular, are one of the essential competencies employers now look for.

Many job roles advertised today require at least a basic knowledge and understanding of Excel, and proficiency in this area can put you at an advantage in both the job market and in the workplace, as advanced knowledge can increase your efficiency by making some tasks far less time consuming.