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Now based in Welwyn Garden City

Jay Ghumania BSc (Hons) MSc

I founded Jay Matthew Computers in early 2018 and have since been working to grow my business.

I enjoy both problem solving and helping people, and so I take great personal satisfaction in banishing the technical headaches associated with everyday (and the not-so-everyday!) computing issues, and take pride in teaching people new skills through my computer lessons.

I am a computer support engineer with 20+ years of IT experience at various organisations. Previous roles include –

  • Technical Support Engineer at Pipex Internet, an Internet Service Provider.

When not fixing computers, I can be found wandering around nature reserves indulging my favourite pastimes as a keen birdwatcher and an amateur botanist.

Testimonials from previous work colleagues:

“Jay is a solid IT professional with a wide range of skills. I always found Jay to be reliable, friendly, helpful and totally professional at all times and it was a pleasure to work with him. I could always rely on his support should I need it. I would certainly recommend Jay due to his commitment and work ethic.”

“I worked with Jay at Infastech, where he provided IT support to the site. I found Jay to be a very professional and conscientious colleague, who offered an extremely high level of support to others. He has a friendly, level-headed manner, combined with a very mature approach. For this reason I highly recommend Jay.”